Casual Games

Casual games come in a range of categories or styles. Here at Casual Games Fan we have games in the following categories that are free for you to play on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or other compatible device. We strive to include as many HTML5 games as possible but please note we can’t guarantee every game will work on every device.

Action – Games with frantic but enjoyable action game play mechanics like traditional arcade games, you will find a number of action games to choose from.

Adventure – Themed pleasurable casual games with an element of thematic story telling and a lot of the time a lot of action.

Arcade – Get your trigger fingers at the ready, old school and new school arcade games for your casual gaming experience!

Board Game – Strategy, thinking, puzzling, mind stretching games of skill and experience.

Dress-Up – A little bit of dress-up fun for gamers of all ages!